Go Go Bars Pattaya

Go Go Bars Pattaya
Author Ray Smith     May 21, 2022

With Thailand borders finally open, and tourists booking flights to cities like Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok, Pattaya Top Ten wanted to provided you with a list of Go-go bars in Pattaya. Links will bring you to a webpage providing addresses and some photos. Walking Street is one of go-to places in Pattaya to visit go go bars but there are many other locations to explore. 

Thailand women are very beautiful, and men from all over the world come meet these Asian women, hoping to find some looking to marry a Western man. These hostesses and go-go girls have a different attitude, and different values compared to other women around the world.

For a Thailand women, family is everything. The ones that are focused on marrying a Western man, are a bit possessive and jealous which means they might have a fiery temper. Although they can be submissive letting the man make the big decisions, they like to cook for their man, satisfy him,  and last but not least, they enjoy your attention. They want to be noticed, complemented, and feel important. So happy hunting ...

Angel & Monster Bar
Black Snake Club
Catch Me Agogo
Celona Bar
Club Sugar Sugar
Lady Love Club
Living Dolls Showcase Gogo
Moon A Gogo
Phoenix Bar Soi LK
Pink Baby Gentlemen's Club
Pin Up A-Gogo
Queen Club Pattaya
Sweet Bar Soi 6
Where Angels Play